Just-in-Time Training

In the medical, civil protection and security fields, just-in-time training is delivered to practitioners to allow for the rapid acquisition of specific skills or knowledge when the need arises.

The concept of just-in-time training (JIT) is to provide training at the time it is most needed. In a sudden onset disaster, just-in-time training is normally delivered immediately before the deployment of first responders to issue assignments and equipment necessary for their role in the incident.

It generally includes instructions on the operational procedures, safety and security training and information specific to the type and magnitude of the incident.

This technique proved to be useful both to refresh responders on standard operating procedures that will be utilised during the response, clinical information and to provide technical guidance to operate equipment or other aspects specific to the first responders team.

A wide range of education methodologies and tools can be used to deliver just-in-time training, including face-to-face didactic, job specific hand-outs with reminder action cards, videos, high-fidelity simulation, table-top or VR exercises.

“Compared to traditional classroom learning, the concept of JIT learning is more closely associated with informal, learner-driven knowledge acquisition and use. […] JIT learning is viewed as a dynamic and adaptive approach to learning where standards and outcomes are not controlled or contrived by designers, but are considered fundamentally user centered, user designed, and user managed”
(The Future: Just-in-Time Learning Expectations and Potential Implications for Human Resource Development Dale C. Brandenburg Andrea D. Ellinger)